Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I have moved.........

Please kindly visit my new home www.karenyiau.com

See y'all there....... :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

"My Beautiful Myanmar" - Charity Book Project

Hi Everyone!

This is a life changing book project by the Kachin (Northern Myanmar state) Refugee kids living in Malaysia. My boss' wife, Ms. Belle Lee volunteered herself at the refugee school and came up with this class project to raise funds for the Myanmar people in the aftermath of the cyclone as well as for the 2 Kachin schools which are currently only funded by individual donors. 100% of the profits will go towards the Cyclone Relief Fund & the refugee schools.

My Beautiful Myanmar contains drawings and stories from the refugee kids about why they left Myanmar, what their lives are like in Malaysia and what their hopes are for their future.

Please support this project by buying a copy (or more!) of the book as well as spreading the word about it. Also we would be very grateful to those who are willing to help us distribute the books at your businesses, among friends, your churches, clubs, etc. on consignment basis.

This high-quality 40-page color book is ONLY RM15 each. Shipping can be done via pos laju or registered mail, and cost to be borne by buyer, as I'm not taking any profit from this, all is for charity.

If you’re keen please contact me via email (yiaukaren@gmail.com) or leave your comment here. Your help is immensely appreciated!

P/S: Trust me, besides donating to help these less fortunate children, this is a good book with touching & valuable true stories that we should let our children read, and appreciate what they are having now. RM15 for a valuable lesson is definitely worth the money.

"Kids should be running to the park and not running for their lives."

Friday, June 13, 2008

My 1st Cupcakes

After my sister got a new oven, I just can't wait to attempt to bake my 1st cupcakes. Here are the "results":

It doesn't look very nice but overall the taste was quite good.

My icing decoration didn't turn out too well as it was too "watery", perhaps next time I should keep it refrigerated first before I pipe it on the cupcakes. Another thing is that we do not have an electric mixer, we have to mix the ingredients manually with our hands. Not only it was tiring but we found that it was not evenly mixed and has somehow affects the appearance of the cupcakes.

Looking at how happily Dillon, my niece and nephews were eating the cupcakes, I'm sure going to have my 2nd attempt to bake again.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ju Hu Char

Turnips (sengkuang), Dried cuttelfish (Ju Hu), Black mushroom, Chicken meat, Garlic

1. Shred the turnips.
2. Cut black mushroom (pre-soaked) & chicken meat into long, thin stripes.
3. Heat the wok with oil, add in some chopped garlic and fry till fragrant.
4. Throw in chicken meat, mushroom & ju hu and stir for 5 minutes, add in some water and toss for another 5 minutes.
5. Add in dark soy sauce (optional) for the desired colour, and light soy sauce to taste. Cover wok until the gravy has thickens.
6. Add in a bit of sesame oil before serving, it'll smells good.

Best served with iceberg lettuce or crunchy butterheads, or you can just eat it as it is.

P/S: It'd be great to add in some shredded carrots and the dish will have a nice combination of colours and will taste better too. :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Eating around in Bangkok - MK Restaurant

We had steamboat dinner at MK Restaurant located on the 1st floor of MBK Mall, it was fine but nothing special , I still think our homemade steamboat is the best, haha LOL.

The Seafood set comes with shrimps, scallops, cuttlefish, jellyfish, fish fillet, fish dumplings, fish balls, fish cakes & seafood tofu plus the complimentary Vegatables set & 2 omega eggs, the usual stuff like I said, nothing special, the soup base is clear soup.

Food - 6/10 (so so only, the chili sauce not bad though)
Ambience - 6/10 (ok, I still prefer eating steamboat in an open-air area, hehe)
Price - 5/10 (pricey to me, steambost buffet in Malaysia is much better value)
Service - 8/10 (very prompt & polite)

Eating around in Bangkok - Bobae Tower

We had lunch at the food court on the 5th floor in Bobae Tower 2 before we started doing our shopping in this clothing wholesale center.

It's a typical food court environment, nothing fancy but the Thai food is nice here. Most of the crowd are the tenants, not many people travel to Bangkok would come here for shopping let alone eating here.

Stewed Duck Rice - 45baht
Fried Rice with Shrimps - 35baht
Fish Ball Noodles - 40baht
Seafood Tom Yum Soup - 60baht

Food - 9/10 (Good thai food & hearty portion)
Ambience - 6/10 (typical food court)
Price - 8/10 (consider quite cheap)
Service - 7/10 (good)

How to go to Bobae Tower: There is no Skytrain access, so take a cab or tuk tuk.

Eating around in Bangkok - Chatuchak

After a few hours of shopping in Chatuchak weekend market, we stopped by this stall for a drink but then we were told that we "must" order food, well ok I was a bit hungry also so I just order a Kuayteow, without even knowing what they actually serve there......

I can't tell you where exactly this stall is, I can't identify my location in the Chatuchak all the time and if you have been there before, you'd know what I mean. :)

Then the Kuayteow soup with Chicken came and it taste so yummy! Then hubby also ordered another one with Noodles. It taste like the herbal soup chicken and they serve with drumstick, chicken wing tip & chicken feet (my favourite....!), quite value for money for a price of 40baht.

Food - 9/10 (Yummy yummy if you like herbal soup)
Ambience - 6/10 (well it's a stall by the Chatuchak street so....)
Price - 8/10 (reasonable)
Service - 7/10 (very prompt)

How to go to Chatuchak weekend market: Take the Skytrain and get down at BTS-Mo Chit (N8)