Friday, May 2, 2008

Eating around in Bangkok - Chatuchak

After a few hours of shopping in Chatuchak weekend market, we stopped by this stall for a drink but then we were told that we "must" order food, well ok I was a bit hungry also so I just order a Kuayteow, without even knowing what they actually serve there......

I can't tell you where exactly this stall is, I can't identify my location in the Chatuchak all the time and if you have been there before, you'd know what I mean. :)

Then the Kuayteow soup with Chicken came and it taste so yummy! Then hubby also ordered another one with Noodles. It taste like the herbal soup chicken and they serve with drumstick, chicken wing tip & chicken feet (my favourite....!), quite value for money for a price of 40baht.

Food - 9/10 (Yummy yummy if you like herbal soup)
Ambience - 6/10 (well it's a stall by the Chatuchak street so....)
Price - 8/10 (reasonable)
Service - 7/10 (very prompt)

How to go to Chatuchak weekend market: Take the Skytrain and get down at BTS-Mo Chit (N8)

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Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi, first time here...see you had a nice time eating out in Bangkok....
I added yr link to my blogroll....hope you to do the same...Have a nice day.