Friday, May 2, 2008

Eating around in Bangkok - MK Restaurant

We had steamboat dinner at MK Restaurant located on the 1st floor of MBK Mall, it was fine but nothing special , I still think our homemade steamboat is the best, haha LOL.

The Seafood set comes with shrimps, scallops, cuttlefish, jellyfish, fish fillet, fish dumplings, fish balls, fish cakes & seafood tofu plus the complimentary Vegatables set & 2 omega eggs, the usual stuff like I said, nothing special, the soup base is clear soup.

Food - 6/10 (so so only, the chili sauce not bad though)
Ambience - 6/10 (ok, I still prefer eating steamboat in an open-air area, hehe)
Price - 5/10 (pricey to me, steambost buffet in Malaysia is much better value)
Service - 8/10 (very prompt & polite)

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