Monday, February 18, 2008

Pureed baby food

My daughter Kaith is already 7.5 months and I've started to prepare baby food for her, as how I did for Dillon in the past.

I have started with all vegetables only and here is the recipe.

Cut carrots, potatoes into dices and cook in water until it's soft, then add in cauliflower and cook for another minute. When it turns cold, mashed it or pour all into food blender to blend well.

Portion out in small containers and keep in freezer. Thaw in fridge the night before for next day's feeding. Reheat baby food by steaming, or put the container in a bowl of hot water.

P/S: Normally I'll make a big batch of 4-5 servings for my baby's comsumption.


Lian said...

Can your daughter finish the little containers? I gave up cooking baby food coz' I always ended up throwing it away. My babies jump from breastmilk to rice. All 3 hate porridge.

karenyiau said...
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karenyiau said...

Ya she normally would finish the whole thing, if there is leftover I just throw it away. I reckon that some babies hate soft & mashed food.

Last time Dillon love baby food, cereal & porridge for like 3 months only then he discontinue & jump to more texture food like meesua, horfun, after which he started rice around 14 months old.

Another thing I realised is, once I stop breastmilk around 8 months, Dillon doesn't fancy taking formula milk after that, whcih is why I'm starting Kaith a bit late on solid food now.

LittleLamb said...

Hi Karen,
Did you feed Kaith with rice-cereal like from Heinz/Nestle? OR you went straight to vegetables as her first food- carrot, potatoe and cauliflower?

2. When you blend add some water so that its not thick?

I think i will end up as a lazy mom. So i will cook a lot and store in freezer....hehehe

btw, i m micrac (rachel) from MJ forum. Thanks for the tips.

karenyiau said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for dropping by. I do feed Kaith Nestle brown rice cereal & also rice crackers. The rest would be pureed food/fruits. Later will feed porridge & rolled oats as well. As she grows, I will aslo add in meat to cook & pureed together for a more texture food.

I blend with the remaining water in cooking coz the nutrients are washed out in the water, it should form a nice texture but you can always adding in some more water if you think it's too thick.