Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Online Store

During my confinement when I was at home, I was helping my friend, Lilian to sell some of her boutique's clothes and accessories on ebay and the response I fetched was quite well. I got some commission from my friend in the end. I can see that many people have accepted the idea of shopping online nowadays and it has become more and more popular, so I suggested to Lilian that she should set up an online store as well.

I told her about Ashop commerce which provides hosted shopping cart software. This is the easiest way for merchants to set up an online store even for those who are not Internet savvy. The shopping cart software is user friendly and has lots of features such as inventory, payment options, sales analysis which can help in the business. The merchants can also customize the layout and design of the store to their liking. What more? Now they are offering 10 days free trial and I would think this is a great opportunity to all who is thinking to start up online business.

If I happen to become a stay home mother in future, I would want to become Lilian’s business partner too!