Thursday, January 17, 2008

No electricity!

When I got home after work yesterday around 8.00pm, I found that the electricity supply was interrupted and my maid told me that this was since 2pm in the afternoon. The first thing that cross my mind was - my EBM (expressed breast milk). How am I going to store it when the fridge has no power supply? Luckily I still have my cooler bag, which can hold my EBM temporarily but if the power doesn't resume in the next few hours, it will be spoiled and I have to throw them away..... :(

I was wondering what took the TNB people so long to repair the problem and I asked hubby to call up to check, then we know why - no one in the neighbourhood has called to report the case at all!! I guess everybody must be thinking that "someone" would have called and thus they just do nothing but wait & see only. (typical bad malaysian attitude!)

After hubby made the call, the TNB people came & manage to resume the electricity supply around 12am. Fortunately my EBM is still cold and I quickly transfer them back into the fridge.

If only somebody has called TNB to report when it happened, all of us won't have to suffer for such long hours!


Yatie said...

no wonder like that....because i face this prob before but it only took them 1 hour to fix it from my report time.lucky ur ebm safe

karenyiau said...

Yeah yati, I will be so sad if I have to throw away my ebm.... :(

Everybody is thinking that "someone else" will report & that's how selfish it is.

BabyBooned said...

glad your ebm's okay!

yeah it's so sakit hati when u face that kind of malaysian bad attitude, but the problem really also lies with TNB because hey! arent they supposed to know if a certain area has some kind of faulty electrical problems / disturbance? their system is so so bad. i really hate to compare (seriously, it's so irritating when ppl compare, right?!) but when we lived in australia we didnt have to report electrical disturbances.. it's always detected and fixed within an hour.

sigh. bad malaysian attitude and bad malaysian companies = bad combination.