Monday, January 28, 2008

A trip to Germany

The company I’m working with is owned by a German guy and he always tell us about the nice places and good food in Germany. I personally haven’t been to any country in Europe and if I have the chance, I would want to drop by Germany for a couple of days. According to my boss, it is best to book for Hotels in Germany via internet as it is easier, and the hotel rates are attractive; I can also check out the Hotels in Berlin through the same website.

Berlin’s calendar is loaded with annual fairs, festivals, concerts and parties and the best time to visit Berlin would be in April, as there will be the Festive Days where a host of concerts and operas are held over 10 days, it would definitely make the trip a fun-filled and memorable one. Apart from that, there are also other great events held in Berlin throughout the year which includes The Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival), the world’s second largest, held in February, Christopher Street Day in June (Berlin’s big gay event), August features JazzFest Berlin while in November Christmas markets are held throughout the city. Accommodation in Berlin is not a problem too as I can find a suitable Hotels in Berlin from the website, ranging from cheap stay to luxury hotels.

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