Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Red Box Plus @ Pavilion

On the 31st Dec 07, we went to the Red Box Plus karaoke in Pavilion KL for New Year countdown celebration. The place is almost fully booked despite of its expensive package, well, not that really expensive compare to what you'll be charged to get the similar kind of entertainment & fun if you celebrate elsewhere.

We took the package which inclusive of buffet dinner, 3 bottles of hard liquor (Chivas Regal or VSOP), 15 mixers, and usage of the karaoke room from 8pm up to 4am!! The package cost RM 1540++ and the maximum guests we can have is 15 persons, which means each person are to pay around RM 118.

Since we are a big group, we get to have a huge room with an attached restroom. The room was comfortable, the cordless mic were great (well, everything new is great I guess), service was prompt as well. The only that that I'm not satisfied would be the food, it's a pretty lousy buffet I would say but since it's a compulsory thing included in the package, I can't complain much can I?

We stayed there until the place closed at 4am and we all had fun singing until everyone of us lost our voice, hahaha, what a great way to welcome the New Year!

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