Monday, March 17, 2008

Eggs recipe for toddler

I noticed that most kids love eating eggs, that includes my nephews and niece and my son Dillon too. But of course I don't give him egg everyday, the most is 4 eggs in a week.

Apart from the Steamed Egg Rolls, here are a variety of Eggs recipes he loves eating:

Steam Egg
1 - mixed with minced meat and chopped spinach/bo choy.
2 - mixed in sliced fish cake
3 - mixed with dried scallops (soaked well)

1 - with finely chopped chives (韭菜)
2 - with minced meat & chopped onions
3 - with french beans or long beans

Scrambled Egg
1 - with chopped tomatoes & cheese
2 - with chopped tomatoes and onions

However, he doesn't really like hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs & fried eggs though.

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