Sunday, April 29, 2007

Steamed egg rolls

Just prepared this for dinner last night, this is my 1st time doing this dish and I do feel that my mum did it a lot more better than me, gosh I miss her cooking so much.... :)

Fish paste (I bought the ready made one from market)
3 no. of eggs

1. Beat the eggs, add in some salt & pepper to taste.
2. Fried the egg in omelette style, using a flat frying pan.
3. Spread the fish paste evenly on the omelette, then roll it up neatly.
4. Put in boiling water to steam for about 15 minutes, take it out to cut into pieces & it's ready to be served.

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Judy Chow said...

I did try to do it last night, I didn't use frying pan, use wok to twist it, not really nice and even the egg spread out. A very easy dish. Thanks for sharing.