Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweet corn glutinuos rice

This is a type of dessert which my Myanmar maid has made over last weekend, I don't know what is the actual name called, but it taste good.

Sweet Corn, Glutinous Rice

1. Scrap off the corn from the cob, but remember to keep the corn leaves
2. Steam the corn and blend it.
3. Soak the glutinous rice well, and then add in together with the blended corn
4. Take a scoop of the corn mixture and wrap with the corn leaves.
5. Steam it for like half hour, then it's ready to serve.

There is no need to add in any sugar, and you can taste the natural sweetness of the corn that has blend in well with the glutinous rice, with the fragrant of the corn leaves.


Hooi See said...
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Hooi See said...

oh no! your maid is from myanmar, not vietnam right? still dreaming lah me... hahaha!

karenyiau said...

Hahaha hooi see, it's 1.31AM and you seriously need to sleep liao.... both of them are from Myanmar. :)

LittleLamb said...

we (my parents & i) also got myanmar maids. but they never cook anything for us to eat....:p