Thursday, November 29, 2007

Breast pumps

This is not a sponsored post. The below opinions and comparisons are made based on my own experience and it is not related to any advertising campaign and I am absolutely not against any companies/products mentioned below.

There are many types of breast pump of different brands available in the market ranging from below a hundred to few hundred, and I would say it is worth to invest in a good breast pump.

I have used both Avent Isis and Medela Harmony pump before, both are manual pump and both are good. But if you want me to choose one that I prefer more, it’d be the Medela Harmony and here are my reasons:

1)Medela Harmony has let-down mode that simulates baby’s initial rapid suckling to initiate faster milk flow later when we switch to expression mode.
2)It has soft, flexible breast shield that massages the breast & areola. I find that Avent Isis breast shield is not as comfy.
3)Easier assembly and cleaning — fewer parts than other manual pumps including the Avent Isis (I think it has 9 parts)
4)Compatible with most standard baby bottles, so you can attach bottle of any size to collect the milk. Unlike the Avent Isis which we can only attach with the wide neck storage bottle.

No. 4 is essential to me because the Avent Isis comes with a 4oz wide neck storage bottle but I pump 7oz each time, so I have to stop pumping when the bottle is full, pour out the milk to another bottle and continue pumping, it’s really a hassle especially when I pump in the office. I know I can buy a bigger Avent bottle but it is pricey and how many I need to buy right? With Medela Harmony, I just attached any standard bottle (any brand) of 8oz size and I can pump without any “interruption”.

I prefer a manual pump than electric pump, though the electric ones could pump in a shorter time and won’t tired our hands, but I still prefer to do it in manual way, where I get to control the pace myself, I feel more humanly touch. :-)

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