Sunday, November 25, 2007

DIY Enzymes

I came to know about "DIY Enzymes" through a newspaper article and I've also read about it in some websites & blogs.

Enzymes can help our body in many ways, hence promoting a stronger immune system and healthier body. As I've always has the passion in DIY (just like I DIY baby food), I've attended the seminar on "DIY Enzymes" at PWTC on Saturday.

In the seminar, I have learned about the basic ways to DIY enzymes and also the correct way to consume enzymes. I've also bought the recipe book so that I could make the different types of enzymes not only for myself but also for my family, each individual would have a different need of enzymes.

I will share my progress in making enzymes and some recipes too in this blog soon.


leosatter said...

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Thank you!

Christie Wong said...

Hi, i hope you are able to give me yr recipe and also steps on how to prepare both these enzymes. Also, where can i get the mushrooms. Pls send it to my email address Thank you so much.