Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Milk supply - Part 2

So of you might have heard or tried on this recipe, which is said to be able to boost up our milk supply. Well I've tried it a couple of times and it helps. This soupd is also good to consume during confinement too.

Papaya Soup with Pork Ribs 青木瓜排骨汤

Green Papaya 青木瓜
Pork Ribs* 排骨
Red Dates 红枣
Kei Zi 杞子

1. Wash the exterior of the green papaya clean, remove seed but leave the skin intact. Cut into pieces.
2. Boil the pork ribs, together with green papaya pieces red dates & kei zi for about 2 hours and it's ready to be served.
3. You may add a little salt to taste if you desired.

It must be green papaya.
The papaya skin must remain intact for cooking this soup.
* For those who doesn't consume pork, can replace with fish bone or chicken carcass.

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