Monday, April 9, 2007

Kluang Station Cafe

You may not know where is Kluang but I bet you must have heard of Kluang Station Cafe? I was in Kluang today with hubby, Dillon & father-in-law in the occasion of "Ching Ming" and this is also the 1st time I step into Kluang town.

We tour to the actual Kluang Rail Station and there I saw the "original" & 1st ever Kluang Station Cafe, which is so small & so obsolete. I thought to have a coffee there but too bad it's not opened, or maybe I think it has ceased operation now. But according to my father-in-law, it used to be a popular hang out place back in those days. I should have took the picture but too bad I didn't do it.

Anyway, we end up having drinks at one of the typical kopitiam and we've ordered 1 kopi, 1 teh, 1 teh ais, 1 barley & 1 set of toast, guess how much the bill is? RM3.50 only!! Unbelievably cheap huh?

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