Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rainy Friday evening

It's Friday evening and yet I'm still stuck in the office and the main reason is my hubby. He is still on his way back from outstation trip (he just called and tell me he is at Slim River now, so another 1 hour to wait?) to fetch me home.

Well this is the "problem" that I have to face since we started car pool. The reasons to car pool is to save on petrol, toll & parking of course. Furthermore we are working in the same area and the distance from our home to work area is about 24km one way so it's really not a bad idea to car pool after all.

Some people admired me to have hubby to fetch to & from work everyday and don't have to be stressed with the traffic jam and well, that's true enough; but on days where I have to wait like this, I started to think how nice it would be if I were driving like I used to..... Never can get the best of both worlds, can we?

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