Monday, April 30, 2007

Last minute

As most of us aware, today is the last day for submission of 2006 income tax form. As hubby & I are always the "last minute" type of person, we only filled our forms last night, haha.

We got up around 10am this morning to drop the form at Pandan Indah IRD office and guess what, it was a real traffic jam there. The lobby was crowded and every lift is full & it's all headed to the same floor. Well, looks like many others were like us too :D

There were actually many IRD officers standing by the roadside surrounding the IRD office building with a big sack collecting the forms from people as well. It's actually quite convenient to people, at least those who just want to drop the form don't need to park the car & go to the office.


sss1979 aka Nicole said...

yes.. me oso last min. hubby oso. we do online.. but calculation out.. auto and he kena tax.. i mean baki tax.

karenyiau said...

I heard it wasn't easy to log on to do e-filing also, that's why I still do it the traditional way.