Friday, April 20, 2007

Photo slides

After seeing my colleague Sim’s (who got married in Mar) photos on her wedding day & dinner, I suddenly have the urge to take a look at my own again (miss those good old days too much perhaps? hehe). When I was browsing through the photos online, the idea of making up slides has crossed my mind….. and since I don’t have any nice photos to share here…… so there you go, now I have my wedding studio shots & also wedding day & dinner photo slides up in my blog. (what a long & lame "reasons"...:P)

The studio shots were taken at Taipei Taipan Bridal World in Jalan Ipoh; whereas the wedding day & dinner ones were taken by a pro photographer.

On second thoughts, I’m now also a mummy of 2 kids (soon…) already, wonder who else would be interested to look at my obsolete wedding photos, hahahaha....

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