Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sleepy Friday

What a sleepy Friday morning for me, all because of the Monopoly Game. Not quite sure why, but when I am pregnant, I became more addicted to PC games, same thing happened during my 1st pregnancy where I can spend endless hours sticking my head in front of the PC & play games.

Last night I only played one round of Monopoly and that already took me an hour, which is why I'm so restless today, hahaha. ^_^

I found that I enjoyed playing it on PC than on the Board and apparently it is ranked the Top 3 board games on PC nowadays. Try it out yourself and discover the fun of it, hehehe, but be cautious that you might end up having sleepless nights......

Here are the links to download the trial version:
PC Game Zone
Download Free-Trial

1 comment:

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