Sunday, April 29, 2007

Long lost home cooked dinner

Normally my hubby & I would have dinner outside during working days because it's too late for me to prepare dinner when we reach home. Therefore since it's a long weekend this week, I have decided to have home cooked dinner to satisfy our stomach.

This was what we had last night, just a very simple dinner with 3 dishes & 1 soup as you can see, it comprised of Steamed Egg Rolls, Fried Mixed Mushrooms, Stir-fry Young Beansprout (tau miu) & Lotus Root soup with fan got & peanuts.

Though it's nothing fancy but both of us were very satisfied. Dillon was also having dinner with us but he was just having rice with soup & steamed fish.


esther said...'re not only a pretty mum but also a good cook..thanks for the variety recipes which you prepare for Dillon. Will cook some for my boy too. Have a good holidays! - estkirby

karenyiau said...

Hey Esther, it's all because I love eating, haha. My mum is a good cook and she really influenced me a lot. I'm just cooking what she used to cook for me. :)