Friday, April 13, 2007

Ronaldo to Star on The Simpsons?

AC Milan striker Ronaldo will star in one of the new episodes of the 18th season of The Simpsons on FOX. Ronaldo will appear in the episode to be aired on April 22 in the USA as a friend of Homer, and will lend a hand to Lisa`s football team. Ronaldo recorded his voice-overs in Portuguese, English, Dutch and Spanish. The Brazilian former Real Madrid forward is a popular figure for cartoon-makers, having two years ago been offered a role in the Garfield 2 film. Problems over the timetables prevented the player from taking part in that particular project.

I can't wait to see how would the animated Ronaldo figure looks like in the show, having said that, it's been a long while since I last watched The Simpsons show, nowadays I'm only busy watching Korean & TVB dramas only...... :)

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