Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wedding Bloom

This is also a year of wedding bloom to me. Just imagine in my office of 40 staffs, 5 are tying the knot this year; plus my sister-in-law there are already a total of 6 weddings that I knew:

10th Mar: Sim (chinese wedding)
10th Mar: Connie (chinese wedding)- Yes both on the same day!
17th Mar: Sis-in-law Airine (chinese wedding)
31st Mar: Darren (malay wedding)
19th May: Ruvian (malay wedding)
18th Nov: Soon (chinese wedding)

and maybe there are some more on the way which I have not known about yet..... ^_^

Anyway, I'd like to give my best wishes to all the couples and perhaps next year would be year of baby bloom in my office again!

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