Sunday, May 13, 2007

10 things I hate about my hubby - Tag

Tagged again by Lovelymummy within the same week. This tag is straight forward & simple, but easy for me as I don't hate my hubby for anything, otherwise I wouldn't be with him still..... :P

Well anyway, must still "try my best" to complete this tag..... Ok, 10 things that I hate (more to things that he pissed me off) about my hubby:

1) He doesn't like to join me in any occasions organised by my friends or colleagues that he doesn't know well, but he usually tolerates with me.
2) He is a late riser. He sleeps very late & will only wake up after 2pm the earliest on a typical weekend. So I'll always have to eat my breakfast & lunch alone.
3) If his friends call him out, he would mostly join them but if I ask him to go somewhere with me, he always say lazy to go out.
4) Almost everyday after work, he will still need to sit in front of the PC & work from home, including weekends sometimes.
5) Besides working, he spend most of his time at home surfing net, reading & posting in forums, downloading movies etc.
6) He doesn't take initiative to help to look after Dillon unless I ask.
7) He will not care & listen to what I say when he is angry with me, but we usually do not carry an argument to the next day.
8) He remembers my birthday, our anniversary but he won't plan anything for it, no presents or surprises as well, he is not a romantic type of person.
9) He would look more macho without the 3-layer tummy but I actually feel quite comfy also when hugging him, haha, natural cushion.
10) Last but definitely not least is his smoking habit. I don't know what to elaborate about this anymore.

Ok now is tagging time.....
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yatie'scorner said...

no.10, me too dunno how to elobrate bout my hubby.

psst: karen I thought my hubby is worse heheh