Monday, May 28, 2007

Eggs for Babies

Egg yolk is a nutrient-rich food that can be added to baby’s diet at the same time as meat and other meat alternatives. Egg white however, should be added when baby is 12 months & above, because egg white has a higher tendency of causing allergy to baby below a year old. Ensure that your baby enjoys eggs that are well-cooked as the immune system continues to develop at this stage of life. Read more about the allergy here.

Add cooked egg yolk to baby’s diet gradually. Hard cook the egg yolk, then mash and mix with a little breast milk or infant formula. If baby doesn’t like this texture, mix the raw yolk with a little breast milk or infant formula and cook in the microwave.Do not add salt, sugar, butter or margarine to the egg yolk. Let your baby enjoy the natural flavours of single foods. When baby has accepted the cooked egg yolk, try stirring it into other foods baby likes, such as cereal, pureed meat or vegetables or try sprinkling hard-cooked egg yolk over mashed potatoes.

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