Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My favourite Pan Mee

I was first tagged by Judy and then Chinnee on this food tag, so I've decided to combine & write about my favourite food - Pan Mee of 2 different places, ok la hor? :)

Firstly is the normal Pan Mee Soup/Dried Pan Mee. This stall is located in a coffee shop (sorry didn't notice the name) at Damansara Uptown (same row with TM point), apparently the people who stay in PJ/Damansara area said that this stall is very famous. The business is good as you can see the uncle (boss) non stop preparing the pan mee especially during lunch time. The pan mee texture is smooth yet "Q" (not lembit), the chili is so pedas & the soup taste good as well. It is served with the normal ingredients i.e. wood ear slices, minced pork, fu chok, fried anchovies & vegetables. The portion is very big but only priced at RM3.50 per bowl. I normally would go for Pan Mee soup & hubby would prefer the dried one.

Pan Mee Soup

Kon Low Pan Mee
Now the next would be Kin Kei Chili Pan Mee, the shop is located along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (behind Honda showroom). This place is also very famous in KL and everytime I go also it'd be very packed esp on weekends.

They also serve pan mee in soup or dried but the famous is the dried one, the soup is so so only. What make it so famous & special is actually the dried chili flakes they prepared. The dried pan mee is not tossed with dark soy sauce as usual, instead we will add in scoops of dried chili flakes & toss it ourselves before eating, it's so yummy yet so pedas gile. The ingredients include minced pork, pork meat, fried anchovies, vegetables & poached egg. The portion is very small but it's selling at RM4.60 per bowl, normally the guys would have to order 2 bowls to fill their stomach. It is something worth trying, if you don't mind the price & the waiting time, at times the boss is also very cocky, hahaha. LOL

When it is freshly served
After tossing with a few scoops of dried chili flakesIt seems to me like many people has done this tag liao so I'm not passing the baton to anyone this time......too much nice food for us to try out till end of this year liao, haha LOL. In fact I have been tagged again by Grace on this so I'll try to share about another of my favourite food soon, stay tuned!!

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chinneeq said...

wow...delicious man...i also love pan mee..

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Holly cow!!! The chilli pan mee makes me drool... I miss my chilli pan mee!!!

Dolly said...

Hi,whats the name of kind of vegetable use in pan mee call?