Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anchovies Powder

Method 1

1. Buy the clean anchovies (without head & dirt), wash & drain well.
2. Evenly spread out on a plate & put in the microwave.
3. Set on “High Temperature” for about 2 minutes, then check if the anchovies has turned golden brown; if not then baked for another 2 minutes. (adjust the timing accordingly)
4. The anchovies is “done” when it turn golden brown & crispy.

Method 2 (If you do not have a microwave at home)

1. Wash & drain the anchovies.
2. Heat up the anchovies in non-stick pan, keep stirring so that the heat is evenly spread.
3. Continue until the anchovies turn golden brown & crispy.

*You may add a little bit of oil for frying if you want to.
*I personally never try Method 2 and I think using the microwave is the fastest & easiest method.

Final Step: Blend the crispy anchovies until it becomes powder form, keep in airtight container & it can last for weeks. Just ensure the spoon is dry & clean when scooping out the anchovies powder for cooking. It’s ok to either store at room temperature or in the fridge.

It can be used for soup when preparing noodles for baby, or even add into the porridge for greater taste.

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Phantasma said...

Thanks for posting this. I totally forgot that my mom used to feed my brothers porridge and sprinkles of anchovy powder. :)

Interesting blog I must say. I really like your recipes for babies.