Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oatmeal with Milk/Bananas

As an alternative to baby rice cereal, I also feed oatmeal to Dillon.
The oat I used is Quaker's Rolled Oats, it's better to start baby on Rolled Oats than instant or quick cooked oatmeal, find out why here.

Oatmeal with Milk
1. Cook 2-3 table spoon of rolled oats in adequate amount of water for about 15 minutes, keep stirring so that it won't stick to the pot.
2. Add in 2 scoops (or more) of formula milk powder & turn off heat immediately.
3. Blend or puree the mixture until a smooth consistency is achieved.

Oatmeal with Bananas
Same as above. Just add in slices of banana before the formula milk powder. Blend or puree the mixture & serve warm.

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