Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Spiderman 3

We have heard & seen so many promos way before this blockbuster movie is in the cinema. It's really not exaggerating that the tickets were are sold out few days prior to the actual show time.

We manage to grab our tickets for a 5pm show today at Leisure Mall and this must also thank to one of our friends who actually sacrifice his sleep & went to buy the tickets on Sunday morning. It was clearly a full house show & the seats we had in the center row wasn't too bad; but I wonder how could the people sitting in the first 2 rows stretch their neck for 2.5 hours to "enjoy" the movie?

The movie itself is very entertaining & exciting I think, esp the 2 spidey's villains. I particularly like the special effects of Sandman; Venom was cool but its appearance was a bit too short.

So what's next in my movie-to-watch list? Of course none other than Captain Jack Sparrow. :)

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