Monday, May 28, 2007

Fresh Fruits Yogurt

Mango Yogurt
1. Peel & puree the mango until the proper consistency is achieved.
2. Scoop out half cup (one cup is 150g) of plain yogurt with a clean spoon, put into baby's serving bowl.
3. Mix in adequate amount of mango puree & it's ready to serve.

*May substitute with Apples & Pears, Apples & Plum, Papaya, Kiwi; but Dillon's favourite are still Mango & Kiwi yogurt.
*Keep the balance half cup of yogurt back in fridge, ideally to be consumed within the next day.
*Buy the cup yogurt that comes with plastic cap for easier storage.

*Do not warm the yogurt for serving, if you are concern about baby taking cold yogurt, scoop out the yogurt & mix with fruit puree before you start feeding a meal to baby, cover & leave it at room temperature. By the time baby finishes the meal (about half hour), the yogurt is just nice to be served.

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