Friday, May 4, 2007

Why is this happening to me?

Well I have been an active member in MeadJohnson forum for many months and I've been posting & sharing ideas there very often.

Last week when I was browsing the site as usual, I realised that all my previous posts have gone missing & only those that I posted on that day remained, which is a total of 7 posts only! Oh my, where did the few hundred other posts gone to?

I reported this to the web admin immediately & they promised to rectify the problem asap but till today, I still didn't hear anything from them, sigh.... looks like it's "colder than water" la (very slim chance)

I would be really upset if they are not able to trace back & restored all my posts, well I'm not saying that my posts are very valuable to all, but to me that few hundred posts are like my baby. ;(

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