Monday, May 7, 2007


If you noticed the header of this blog, you'll find that I've just added a ticker today which keeps track of my anniversary. As I was creating it just now, I only realised that tomorrow would be my anniversary day already!!!

Oh my, I've been really absent minded lately. Anyway, there will not be any form of celebration or presents "as usual", so it's actually "no big deal" also even if I forget about it.... Even hubby will most likely have forgotten about it, I think I can bet for that, sigh.... who ask me to have married a not so romantic guy so can't ask for more loh... :)


Judy Chow said...

Go for a dinner for 2 may b, somewhere special n nice with romantic environment. We use to do that every year.

A food tag for your new blog.

karenyiau said...

Too bad we don't usually practise that too, just normal dinner but nothing "romantic" haha ;)

Will kau tim your tag soon.

Grace said...

Happy Anniversary!! Look like we're on the same :)

karenyiau said...

Thanks grace, you mean the same date or the same type of man? ;)

Cheryl Leong said...

Happy belated Anniversary to you! Actually, my hubby also not romantic, but he will make effort to celebrate with me (although not up to my standard coz I m such a romantic person *LOL*)
I can't wait for my hubby to come back in June.