Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My mum

I'm the youngest in my family & I admitted that I have been spoiled. Frankly speaking, I never really appreciate what my mum has done for me as I have been used to it; but if she didn't so something for me or didn't do it well, I would be mad at her.

After I became a mummy to Dillon, only then I realized how great is a mother's love and my relationship with mum has improved as well.

Just about a month before the Chinese New Year, my mum got hit by stroke and was bed ridden for a month, there were a couple of times where she had difficulty in breathing & nearly died. I was so scared & was praying every day & night for her to recover. At that point in time only I know how much I love my mum & how scare I am to lose her.

Thank God she fought it through & she is in a much better condition now, though not fully recovered but doctor said we should be grateful already due to her age. She can walk slowly but not like before, we no longer go to market & have breakfast every Saturday morning like we used to.... She used to be a good cook but she is not cooking anymore, it makes me miss her cooking so much now......But thank God that she is still around.

I've not yet planned anything for her on this coming Mother's day but everyday I pray for good health & happiness in her life. She will be turning 70 this year. :)

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