Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meesua Soup

When Dillon was around 10 months plus, he started to show dislike to pureed food & cereals; he wanted something more chewy and thus I've introduced the following food to him.

Meesua Soup
1. Break the meesua into shorter lengths.
2. Put minced chicken meat or pork or fish paste into adequate amount of water.
3. Add in meesua, & chopped spinach or bo choy, even tofu cubes.
4. Add in anchovies powder, stir well & it's ready to served.

*Other variants include Pan Mee, Soy Mee, KuayTeow, Loh Shi Fun, which need to be cut into smaller pieces for babies who can't chew well yet.
*You may replace the meat/fish paste with eggs, for babies below age 1, use only egg white.
*For older babies, you may flavour the soup with a pinch of salt, or a bit of soy sauce instead of anchovies powder.
*You can also prepare the anchovies stock beforehand if you don't have anchovies powder.

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