Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Baby food

When my son Dillon first started on solid food, I did a lot of searching on the web to prepare for it. Besides feeding him the cereals, I actually hunted for the baby food recipes & try to homemade it myself. Thus I've compiled a document with all my findings (all copy & paste job lah, haha) for my own reference & also for sharing with other mummies who are interested, esp those members in the Meadjohnson forum.

In view of the popular request from the forum members (cheh....... thick skin!), Vicky actually suggested me to put the recipe in the blog so that everyone can access easily & also save me work to email each of them upon request, what a good idea!

Anyway, there isn't anything great or special about the baby food that I prepared (nothing that you don't already know) so don't put too much expectation on me ya. It's actually more like a guide or reference to the new mummies who wanted to start giving solid food to their babies.

So stay tuned while I'm working on transferring the content here.

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