Thursday, May 10, 2007

Maternity leave

Well for the working mum in Malaysia, we'll only get 60 days of maternity leave, which I think it's really minimal.

As what I know it is different in many other countries; take our neighbour Singapore as an example, they are given 3 months of maternity leave and if one decided or have been asked to return work after the 2nd month, the company might pay double to that employee (where they reimburse from the government later) if I'm not mistaken. In some Europe countries or in the States, it would be of a different policy.

It is good to know that our Women, Family and Community Development Ministry is now attempting to get the Cabinet’s approval to extend maternity leave up to 84 days for women at work. It'd be great if it's approved but who knows how long will that take. Haha, it might not "benefit" me after all... ;)

Read this news @ The Star

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